Saturday, September 22, 2012

Russian studio

I know what you're thinking!
Sad, that's what you are thinking.
Sad that I lost my studio at Sambuco!
But hey! All is not lost because look!
I've built a new one at my new home and here it is.

It's Russian. No, really! It's a kit I imported from Russia. Less than half of the cost of an Italian one and
I've put it up in my garden, away from all those domestic noises (you know what I mean). Here's the

...spacious enough and I just need to connect water and electricity, nice eh? and I've already painted my first paintings in it so am feeling pleased. Next step, some trees, maybe roses or a nut tree. Notice dart board, Boy Scout knife, bow and arrows, tent, CD player, tennis racket...ahah!


Abella Ivan said...
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Abella Ivan said...

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