Thursday, June 4, 2009

Creativity Workshops

My new venture.
Very modern won't you think?
It's what comes of doing a life-coaching course (which I am currently)
but in the meantime, here's a new painting, just for fun..

So this is what I'm going to do. Prise open the rusty old gate of the Physik Garden (which should take about a month) with 'rustoff' and a fretsaw; throw in a team of rabbits, sheep and strong chaps with machetes and chainsaws and clean it up and bring into the brave new world of pro-activity. Not sure what that is exactly but love the word.

The workshops... here's an extract from blurb

'History shows that the negation of creativity is damaging both to society as well as to us as individuals and this we all know to be true, but suppose you had the ability to return to the original 'heart' of your creative imagination, whenever you wish? How might life be different for you today, both for yourself and those you love.

Is it possible to live from a secure place within yourself that permits you to act from your own uniqueness? Can you really live out of your creative essence rather than out of fears, or the everyday concerns, that come from living in a turbulent society?

Using a unique yet simple combination of play, dialogue, light-hearted individual confrontations and group activities in painting, music, writing, dance, theatre games, our creativity workshops will help you experience new ways of self expression. You will hopefully rediscover the precious core of your creativeness, which has always been there waiting to re-awakened.'

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