Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Island of the Dead

This is a painting I have contributed to an Exhibition which opens at the PerMariMonti Gallery next weekend. And this is the text which goes with the painting in the catalogue..

'Ogniuno di noi ha la sua isola dei morti.
E un luogo freddo e abbandonato senza alcun significato,
che non si preoccupa ne del nostro arrivo, ne se rimaniamo li
per l'eternita, o se ce ne andiamo verso ad una vita nuova.
Meglio non indugiare troppo e stare li a lungo.
La cosa migliore?
Navigarla e oltrepassarla'

Each of us has their own Island of the Dead.
A cold and abandoned place with no meaning
and which cares not if we arrive, stay for eternity
or leave to live anew.
It's best not to stay too long there.

And best of all
To sail past the island.

The show is a tribute to the Swiss artist Bockiln and his series of paintings
on this theme