Tuesday, September 25, 2012



This new painting was inspired in reverse by Colin Pink's poem. Read on..

Aerial Song

The thistledown floats in the air, idles, adrift on hidden currents,
in no hurry to land and seed. The skylarks take to the air, filling
the sky with trilling song as they flutter upwards, ever upwards,
spiralling into the heavens’ blue embrace, singing ardent arias
overspilling the senses. Their voice grows louder and louder
as they get smaller and smaller, the merest speck in the sky,
the merest speck, almost lost to vision, until at the very point
of vanishment, they turn wing back to earth, plunge down
through that spiral stair carved from the air, to glide and land
upon the sullen earth, quiet now, all song gone.

Colin Pink
17 September 2012

Don't you just love reverse syncronistic events ? THEY'RE AS TASTY AS FIBS

Here are some closeups of painting for birdwatchers

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Russian studio

I know what you're thinking!
Sad, that's what you are thinking.
Sad that I lost my studio at Sambuco!
But hey! All is not lost because look!
I've built a new one at my new home and here it is.

It's Russian. No, really! It's a kit I imported from Russia. Less than half of the cost of an Italian one and
I've put it up in my garden, away from all those domestic noises (you know what I mean). Here's the

...spacious enough and I just need to connect water and electricity, nice eh? and I've already painted my first paintings in it so am feeling pleased. Next step, some trees, maybe roses or a nut tree. Notice dart board, Boy Scout knife, bow and arrows, tent, CD player, tennis racket...ahah!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sibillini Paintings

New mountain Paintings

These are a homage to the ten years I spent in the shadow of the Sibillini Mountains; a magical place and one which I miss already, living as I do now closer to the sea.

This is a winter painting, trapped ice and cold water runs

This at Springtime

Saturday, July 21, 2012

WILD PHOTOGRAPHY; ITALY October 4 to 7, 2012
Our wild weekend in the Magical Sibillini Mountain Park
Revitalise your vision. Read more.. http://www.natashalythgoe.com/page/30637/news/

The Sibillini National park is Italy's newest and apart from all the magical connections with the Ancient Goddess religions, it is also the home of wolves, bear and squirrels. I jest here about the squirrels (but there are lots and they are sweet and black)... but enough to say it's full of the most fascinating fauna and flora.
Scenically it almost overwhelming beautiful and it is here we will spend long days, returning knackered in the late evening to chew through our images and generally give each other a good hard time.
And then eat and sleep.
Your hosts are Michael, Natasha and Mauro.
Your fellow photographers Italian and English speaking

Friday, April 13, 2012


We are moving house and it’s stressful leaving my studio and having to accept a rabbit Hutch
Hence the worried expression
I have literally hundreds of paintings, hanging on walls, stacked in every corner and going back years.
I’m not very good at marketing myself I am told.
So they are all for sale (all except my latest series as above and I don’t mean the rabbit) they are all for sale at 25% of original gallery and website prices.
Which is... calculator ready?
Add length to breadth, multiply by 1.5 and there is your price in Euros. 
Easy eh?
Most you can see on my site www.michaeleldridge.net
Just drop me a line if you fancy a wondrous bargain
And don't forget our workshops this summer;
Creativity Workshop in Le Marche June 13 www.starstone.me
And a Creative Photography weekend in Tuscany June 28, details www.natashalythgoe.com

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What’s happening this summer in Italy?

Well. I ‘m sure glad you asked, ‘cos we have two workshops (we being me and the chaps) and here they are

English Flier Finished

This in the glorious wild lands of Northern Tuscany.
And then for the creative soul searchers, we have an amazing event
In Montefiore, The 4th of our Starstone Adventures
Both in June. Heady times!

And then, and then, Lili is organising a weekend with Jules Heavens; a weekend of sacred voice, singing the self and singing the Chakras, This on last weekend of May

All these in both English and Italian of course