Friday, April 13, 2012


We are moving house and it’s stressful leaving my studio and having to accept a rabbit Hutch
Hence the worried expression
I have literally hundreds of paintings, hanging on walls, stacked in every corner and going back years.
I’m not very good at marketing myself I am told.
So they are all for sale (all except my latest series as above and I don’t mean the rabbit) they are all for sale at 25% of original gallery and website prices.
Which is... calculator ready?
Add length to breadth, multiply by 1.5 and there is your price in Euros. 
Easy eh?
Most you can see on my site
Just drop me a line if you fancy a wondrous bargain
And don't forget our workshops this summer;
Creativity Workshop in Le Marche June 13
And a Creative Photography weekend in Tuscany June 28, details