Saturday, January 29, 2011

Creativity in Sant’Ippolito

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Dear friends,

I am running a Creativity weekend in March, another experimental workshop for a small number of people; similar to my session last Spring in Appignano.

It’s experimental in that sense that I want us together to try out new ideas, strategies I will use in Starstone sessions later in the year.

The venue will be our home at Sambuco in Le Marche and for a small group of about 8 people. It will be hands on stuff; making a mess, playing, lots of fun and laughter (guaranteed).

As well as playing like children we will also walk together, cook together, relax and delight in each others’ company.

Dates; Saturday and Sunday March 19th and 20th

The total cost is E125 to include meals, accommodation and workshop.

For those coming from UK, extra days B&B can be arranged. Ryanair flights are less than E20 single at this time.

For those of you who don’t know Sambuco and our beautiful area of Le Marche, here’s our Sant’Ippolito website

I do hope this finds you well and I send you my very best wishes for the New Year.


Cari amici,
Sto organizzando un week-end di Creatività in Marzo, per un numero limitato di persone, un ‘altro workshop sperimentale simile a quello organizzato in Appignano la primavera scorsa .
Sarà sperimentale nel senso che insieme tireremo fuori e proveremo nuove idee, questo workshop sarà un’anteprima dei prossimi corsi che terrò con Startstone in Autunno in Italia e in UK .

La sede sarà la nostra casa il Sambuco nelle Marche il gruppo sarà massimo di 8 persone .

Ci autogestiremo, parteciperemo attivamente a tutte le attività , faremo un sacco di disordine e giocheremo , il divertimento e le risate saranno garantite Ma, oltre a giocare come i bambini cucineremo e ci rilasseremo e faremo delle belle passeggiate , sarà un vero piacere stare in compagnia e ritrovarsi bambini.

Date: Sabato e Domenica 19 Marzo e 2011

Il costo totale è di Euro 125,00 incluso vitto e alloggio
Per chi viene da Regno Unito, c’è la possibilità di organizzare giorni extra nel nostro B&B.

Per quelli di voi che non conoscono “Il Sambuco” e la nostra bellissima area nelle Marche, ecco il nostro sito web

Spero che questa idea vi piaccia, che veniate numerosi con l’intento di divertirvi , nel frattempo vi faccio i miei migliori auguri per il nuovo anno.

Friday, January 28, 2011

a fire painting

I painted this in my usual unconscious fashion, only to realise I’d been having a conversation with Jack about the volcano in Sicily (Etna of course)


Thursday, January 27, 2011

StarStone 2011

StarStone is hosting three workshops in 2011, two in Italy at Montefiore, Le Marche and one in UK, in Norfolk.
Each of the workshops are complete Creative Journeys
Our extraordinary workshops are designed to rekindle your creativity. You will begin the exciting journey of revitalising those parts of yourself which may have fallen asleep over time. Your StarStone facilitators will re-awaken and challenge you, so that you will fully connect with the very essence of your original creative self.
Montefiore June 16th to 19th… RETREAT
The purpose of this retreat weekend is to find the still point that reveals everything as it is in our lives up until now. We step into that point through disengaging, stepping back, creating space, witnessing, unplugging and un-winding. Paradoxically, through this process, we find we are revitalised and see what is really important, what we can bring to the fore that will refocus us and create the next stage of our lives.
Montefiore Sept 15th to 18th… REFLECT
In this refreshing and challenging retreat we touch upon the very essence and significance of living within the present ‘time now’. As we reach that still point of the present moment, we see our selves reflected back through the eyes of the world around us; we experience what it is to be fully living in the present and how this is in fact the realm in which creativity waits for us, the feeding ground for poetry, music, painting, (indeed all the expressive arts), and where neither past nor future hold sway.
Voewood, Norfolk December 9th to 11th… EVOLVE (to be confirmed)
The focus of this retreat is individual evolution. To evolve is to begin to create ourselves as a clearer expression of our real and authentic essence. To thus finally evolve as a creative being, seeing each day as a creative opportunity where we become the master of your fate and metamorphasise into something new. What is it we can become? Anything and everything of course. It is where we begin to create a whole new cycle in our existence.
StarStone retreats are designed to take you on an adventurous voyage of discovery. Join us and explore the reflections of your past, the mirror of your present and the image of your future.

For more details email;, or tel+39.3283535358